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Arm Blaster 101

The arm blaster. What an amazing piece of equipment, one that has truly stand the test of time and is still found in most gyms today. Why is this piece of equipment still around? Simple, because it works. It works tremendously well for athletes of all experience levels.

The Design. The design of the arm blaster is so simple yet so functional that it just works. The device locks your arms in place and your elbows in front of your hips. Your triceps are then supported by this contoured brace that is typically made out of aluminum and finished with a rubberized coat for comfort. Ideally, this is the starting position you want to get used to for the majority of your curl movements. Attached to the brace is a sling which is complemented with a foam pad for comfort. The sling is adjustable designed to cater to different heights which in return creates a universal piece of equipment.

Who Should Use An Arm Blaster? Everyone. Everybody and anybody can benefit greatly from the use of an arm blaster. No matter your skill level you will have a great appreciation the second you strap one of these on. The pump and sensation you will receive is unlike anything else. This device will promote optimal curling movement patterns useful for novices. As well as correct potentially poor movement patterns that have developed over the years for experienced lifters.

How Does It Work? The device forces you into an optimal curling position removing all the guesswork. Creating an environment to make progress as a novice or experienced weight lifter. This device will force you to use strict form. It restricts your elbows from moving, which is inevitable for those who are not conscious of such movement. This would have resulted in front delt recruitment, diminishing bicep recruitment greatly. With the arm blaster, you have a platform to push against with your triceps, eliminating any possible shoulder recruitment. In return, you can expect maximum bicep engagement. Which caters to such a high intensity that you will find your self fatiguing twice as fast.

Conclusion. I can’t recommend this piece of equipment enough, it’s simple to use, applicable to all experience levels, promotes proper form, eliminates bad habits, and increases contraction intensity. Anyone who has a poor connection with their biceps or can’t seem to get those stubborn biceps to grow, has to give this product a try.

Arnold Arm Blaster Workout

Check out this video from Buff Dudes

RAD Biceps Isolator

RAD arm blaster

Color: Black  | Construction: Metal   |   Thickness: 10mm

Description: RAD biceps isolator arm blaster, now featuring the RAD v2 neck strap padding, eliminating any discomforts caused by other arm blasters.We have aimed to provide supreme comfort through our super padded, dense elbow pads ,these allow the user to reduce the momentum caused when not using a biceps isolator, when performing dumbbell curls and barbell curls. Our new design reduces the unnecessary stress put on arms when performing curls due to our brand new elbow pads.

The RAD brand new biceps isolator now imitates the preacher curl movement, however this will not require the user to sacrifice any space as it is a portable piece of exercise equipment. Due to our supreme design, you will now be able to have blood pump a lot quicker to your biceps and forearms allowing more energy to be used up, and thus increasing the size of the overall muscles used, without causing quick fatuousness.

Cannon Curl

cannon curl arm blaster

Color: Black  |  Construction: Metal   |   Thickness: 10mm

Description: Let’s face it, formidable biceps are desired by every man and woman. The Cannon Curl perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls. Users immediately notice proper bicep isolation when curling with the Cannon Curl. When you flex, don’t just show your guns, release your cannons! It is impossible to make a universal arm blaster that fits all anatomies. A user with a 40 inch waist will have the elbow supports further in front of their body compared to a user with a 30 inch waist. Additionally, some users wish to have their arms in front of their body and other users wish to have their elbows further back.

The Cannon Curl is made of a thick gauge aluminum. Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and malleable. Users can modify the existing arch of the Cannon Curl to suit their individual needs. Additionally, some users want zero or less pressure on the neck. To achieve this: 1. Lengthen the strap so the Cannon Curl hangs lower than your elbows. 2. Position the Cannon Curl prior to picking up the weight. 3. This will create excess slack with the strap and there will not be any stress on the neck. * Now made with thicker gauge aluminum to support higher weight levels. ** Padded Neck Pad in Now Thicker!

Bicep Bomber

bicep bomber arm blaster

Color: Black  | Construction: Metal   |   Thickness: 10mm

Description: In Celebration of body-solid’s 25 years in business, one of our most iconic pieces of equipment gets a significant upgrade! introducing the limited-edition 25th Anniversary BB25 bicep Bomber. The same great uniquely contoured design in an all-new high-tech, high-gloss anodized Red finish, honoring our 25 years with a special logo and an upgraded design. We’ve taken everything great about the original bicep Bomber and made it better.

The bicep Bomber allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders while keeping your back and elbows locked in the perfect curling position. This limited-edition features an industrial strength webbed nylon belt and a thick, oversized neoprene neck pad for complete comfort. Dense elbow pads further ensure comfort and stability for safer, more efficient workouts while isolating the movement in a standard biceps Curl to concentrate the lift. There is no better tool on the market for larger, stronger biceps than the body-solid BB25 bicep Bomber.

Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber

body solid arm blaster

Color: Black  | Construction: Metal   |   Thickness: 10mm

Description: Uniquely contoured design allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders while keeping your back and elbows locked in the perfect curling position. The Bicep Bomber features a 1000 lb. capacity webbed nylon belt and a thick, oversize neoprene neck pad for complete comfort. Dense elbow pads further ensure comfort and stability for safer and more efficient workouts.

The Bicep Bomber can also be used to isolate your triceps. Attach the Bicep Bomber to a high-pulley and perform triceps press downs, the Bicep Bomber will lock your elbows in place and add focus & concentration to your triceps throughout the movement.

Arm Curl Blaster DMoose Fitness

Color: Black  | Construction: Aluminum   |   Thickness: 10mm

Description: Enhance your BICEP CURLS potential by ensuring proper technique and strength-building with premium Arm Blaster from DMoose Fitness! Our Uniquely contoured design allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders while keeping your back and elbows locked in the perfect curling position.

Using the Arm Bomber will improve your bicep curl exercise and also reduce the opportunity to “cheat” while doing the exercise. The Arm Blaster features a 600 lb. capacity belt and a thick neck pad for complete comfort. For those people hoping to achieve further definition and muscle strength in their arms, this product is perfect for you!