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Home Gym 101

Whilst our health and fitness is often a very personal thing, it’s one of the most social environments we spend our time in. The gym is filled with a wide variety of people, all with different ideas, goals, shapes, sizes and motivations. Some of us thrive in this kind of situation, loving the subconscious competitive nature and indulging in the ability to meet similarly minded people.

Yet, others can find it distracting, daunting, and at times intimidating. The thumping music, the loud clanging of weights, the echoes of groans and grunts filling the room. All of this can make for a less like optimal atmosphere.

What’s the answer? Quite possibly a home gym. 

Home Gym Design Inspiration

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What Is a Home Gym?

A home gym is exactly as it sounds: a specialized room in your house filled with exercise equipment. Most people keep their home gym confined to the boundaries of their garage, though others choose to keep it in the warmth of indoors. The gym can be filled with everything and anything you want/need, allowing you to personalize the area to your specific desires. Pre assembled home gyms such as the most popular Bowflex Blaze Home Gym may be all you need to ensure you have all that you need.

Pros of Owning a Home Gym

The first big benefit is that it will save you a lot of money in the long-run. Gym memberships can be expensive, and most of the time they cover you for things you don’t use like classes or equipment upkeep. Not to mention, there’s no additional money going on petrol or public transport to get to/from the gym.


The most obvious benefit to a home gym is that it makes exercise completely personal. There’s no awkward chats with personal trainers trying to sell you their services, no long–term contracts you end up never using, and no waiting times to use any of the equipment. It also means you don’t have to look “nice” or presentable. You can just roll out of bed, chug down your morning coffee and get started with your session. There’s no worrying about other people’s opinion which allows you to fully focus on what matters: yourself. Your home gym is completely tailored to you and therefore, you can design it exactly as you want.


However, you also have the option to introduce others to to health and fitness, reducing that barrier to change for them. For instance, if you have a friend or family member who’s keen on getting in shape but worried about walking into a fitness centre, then you can invite them over to yours. You can both train together and show them a few tips without anyone else getting in the way. If you have kids, then it’s an easy and accessible way to get them into a healthy routine. They can use your equipment (with supervision depending on their age), and find out what their parents do when they leave the house.


Lastly, your home gym is open 24/7. No more worrying about rushing around to make it to the gym before close or waiting at the doors before the trainers have unlocked them. You can work out how you want, when you want.

Cons of Owning a Home Gym


Now, in the pros we talked about the money saving feature. However, there’s a high start-up cost. The average gym membership is between $30-$50 a month which equates to about $480-$600 a year. Depending on what you want in your gym, filling the room could come out to four or five times this amount. Loads of people buy treadmills only to sell them on which means that you can grab a real bargain if you look hard enough. Though, if you just want a few dumbbells, kettlebells, mats and mirrors, then the costs will be much lower. It really depends on your training program and goals.


Secondly, you’re going to be severely limited on space. Some of you may be lucky enough to have an expansive room in your house that’s just begging to be filled with fitness items, but for most of us, the options are going to be limited. If the garage is your space of choice, then that brings into question the temperature and comfort of your environment. Also, will you be able to fit equipment and a car in there alongside the clutter we all have filling up our garage?


Also, you need to be completely honest with yourself: will you be able to fully concentrate knowing that your laptop or television are in another room? One of the biggest benefits a gym holds is that once you’re there you’ve got no other choice but to exercise. You’re not going to drive all the way to the gym just to stand there for 5 minutes and leave. A home gym gives you a lot of responsibility beyond your fitness, too. If something breaks or gets dirty, then it’s down to you to fix it. If you’re want to get a new piece of equipment, it’s down to you to save up the money to buy it. You can’t rely on anyone else.

What Should My Complete Home Gym Include?

Each complete home gym comes with varying attachments such as leg extensions, pulldowns, cables, preacher curls and more. The items that come with your home gym will depend on personal preference, the more you have typically the more money it will cost.

However, most complete home gyms will also allow for you to purchase add-ons as you go. Be sure to keep in mind compatibility when buying add-ons that aren’t the same brand. This makes choosing the right brand all the more important. When it comes down to picking the equipment, brands can make all the difference between long-term and falling apart after just a few sessions. The brands we recommend are Weider, Marcy, Bowflex, Body Solid, and Life Fitness. If you want a worthwhile investment, and you really should when creating a home gym, then these are your best options.

On top of this, you’ll need to think about things such as flooring, mirrors and clocks. As we’ve said. there’s a high initial cost to any home-gym, but once you have the equipment it’s yours, and there’s no ongoing membership fees to worry about.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the decision to choose a home gym over a gym membership is down to you and your situation. Home gyms require a lot of work and money upfront, but can make for a massive long-term gain. Yet, there’s a lot less complications with a membership, a greater access to equipment, and constant available support. If you do decide to go down the home gym route, then don’t do it half-hearted. As with your health and fitness, the effort you put in will reflect the results you get back.