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Powerlifting Belts

Below you will find a variety of weightlifting/powerlifting belts that vary in construction. The list is organized by types of belts and their primary uses. Alternatively, you may skip the breakdown if you feel your knowledge is up to par. If not please continue reading.

Lifting Belt 101

Excellent Breakdown of Powerlifting Belts

Nylon Weightlifting Belts

The first series of belts are the nylon/velcro belts. These belts yield the highest amount of mobility and the lowest amount of support. They typically aren’t used in intense powerlifting applications but are often used in any sort of lift that requires a high level of athleticism and mobility. These belts are great for those who want to ensure high use of their core, rather than relying on the belt for the added support. Lastly due to their more simplistic design these belts provide the highest levels of comfort which will be appreciated the day after lifting, due to lack of soreness. More is NOT always better therefore, one should consider a thinner belt to ensure full abdominal recruitment.

Recommended LiftsMetcon styled workout, olympic lifts, WOD’s. Deadlift, back squat, front squat, overhead press and power clean.

Lever Powerlifting Belts

The belt shown above is the staple for the “lever belt” category.  They nicknamed it the Inzer forever lever belt system, insinuating the mechanism will NEVER break. These belts are the epitome of connivence  and not to mention quite satisfying IMO. The way the lever system works is you latch the hooks to the holes, and moments prior to your lift you engage the lever by pressing it down until it clicks. No more finding the perfect notch or fiddling with the prongs like on other belts. Just as easy as it’s set a quick swipe and the belt is disengaged just as quick.

Recommended LiftsMetcon styled workout, olympic lifts, WOD’s. Deadlift, back squat, front squat, overhead press and power clean.

13mm Powerlifting Belts

The biggest baddest belt money can buy, the infamous 13mm powerlifting belt. Typically constructed from full top grain leather, this belt provides MAXIMUM support at the cost of mobility and comfort. In regards to thickness, 13mm is as thick as you can go and is recommended for the bigger guys. Although, anyone can benefit from the use of a thicker belt. This belt will by far have the largest break-in period, with persistent use you will noticed increased comfort. Single and double prong are amongst the most popular.

Recommended Lifts: By far the rear squat and front squat will be most applicable to this style of belt. Can also be used for deadlifts, shrugs, and overhead press.

10mm Powerlifting Belts

The standard best all around belt used for many if not all applications. 10mm belts are by far the most versatile of all. Offering support for moderate to heavy lifting as well as a bit more mobility and comfort when compared to the 13mm counter option.

Recommended LiftsMetcon styled workout, olympic lifts, WOD’s. Deadlift, back squat, front squat, overhead press and power clean.

Harbinger Weightlifting Belt

Color: Black |   Material: Nylon  |   Thickness: N/A   |   Mechanism: Hook & Loop

DescriptionHarbinger’s 5-Inch Foam Core Belt is for serious weightlifters needing back support. The Harbinger Foam Core weightlifting belt features an extra wide 5-inch closed cell foam belt with a 3-inch support strap overlay for maximum lower back and abdominal protection during heavy lifting. The flexible but lightweight foam core surrounded by abrasion-resistant nylon supports the back while maintaining muscle warmth.

The heavy gauge steel roller buckle makes tensioning easy, and the plush tricot lining is comfortable against the skin. Like all Harbinger products, the 5-Inch Foam Core Weightlifting Belt comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Harbinger 5-Inch Foam Core Weightlifting Belts are available in four sizes, each designed to fit a range of waist measurements. It is important to measure correctly when selecting a weightlifting belt; do not use pant size. Measure around the waist between the hips and the ribs, starting and stopping at the belly button. Small fits 24-29 inches, Medium fits 29-33 inches, Large fits 33-37 inches, and Extra-large fits 37-42 inches. Belts are designed to be worn tightly around the natural waist for support and stabilization.

Inzer Lever Belt

Color: Black  |   Material: Leather/Suede   |   Thickness: 10mm   |   Mechanism: Lever

Description: This is the last support belt you will ever need to buy. Simple to tighten and lock in place with the push of the patented lever, the 10mm Inzer Forever Belt is easily released in less than a second with another flick of the lever.

The belt conforms to your body over time and stays firmly supportive, and the patented lever technology can tighten three inches tighter than a buckle belt to add significant weight to your Squat, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, and Press. The Inzer Forever Lever Belt is made from a single solid thickness of the finest leather and finished with top-quality suede to provide a non-slip surface, not cobbled together in layers like cheaper belts that will soon come apart.

Grip Power Pads Powerlifting Belt

Color: Tan |   Material: Leather   |   Thickness: 13mm   |   Mechanism: Double Prong

DescriptionWhen you’re serious about weightlifting, you need serious support to protect your back through every rep. The Grip Power Pads Double Prong Weightlifting Belt is the ultimate choice of lifting belt to keep your core engaged, your back supported and you focused on giving your workout your all. Intended for advanced weightlifters, the Grip Power Pads Weightlifting Belt is the ultimate lifting belt. Each one is made by hand, not on an assembly line, and we use only the finest quality 100 percent leather to produce our belts. Each belt is one of a kind and of artisan quality, ready to last through years of workouts.

The Grip Power Pads Weightlifting Belt is superior to other weight belts because it’s: – THICKER. With two layers of leather, our belt is 13 millimeters thick, making it much stronger than the competition. – THE OPTIMAL WIDTH. The 4-inch width gives you just the right amount of coverage and support. – SOLID. Our belt weighs nearly 3.5 pounds because of its durable, strong leather design. – EASY TO FASTEN. Our lever buckle is simple to use and very secure. – ADJUSTABLE. Nine size holes let you customize the fit to suit your needs. – MORE STYLISH. The embossed logo and natural leather give our belt a handsome look.

Steel Sweat Weightlifting Belt

Color: Brown |   Material: Leather   |   Thickness: 10mm   |   Mechanism: Single Prong

Description: One of the unique features of the Steel Sweat Lifting Belt is its vegetable tanned leather. Crafted from the all-natural cowboy method of tanning hides, the vegetable tanning process can take weeks to complete, in comparison to the mere hours of the modern sole tanning.

You’ll love this belt because it is a firmer, more durable, water-resistant leather weight belt with a rich, natural brown tone. For you this means a nicer feeling belt that is strong and supportive, just as you would expect it to be so you can focus on your lifting in comfort. Our old school vegetable dying process you will love, because some traditional methods are way too cool to not keep alive. This gives you a premium quality looking and feeling belt that will last you longer and feel more comfortable.

 Dark Iron Fitness Weight Belt

Color: Black/Red |   Material: Leather   |   Thickness: 5mm   |   Mechanism: Double Prong

Description: If you’re serious about lifting, you know a good weightlifting belt can help you draw more power out of your abs and lower back while reducing the risk of painful injury. That’s why you should get it right the first time—with the Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt!

Unlike cheap belts made of fake leather, ours is made of top-quality cowhide that won’t stretch out or tear under pressure. It also has a secure, heavy-duty buckle instead of plastic clips or Velcro closures that can break. This belt provides firm support for your body’s core, giving you the leverage you need to lift heavier while reducing stress on your spine. And when it comes to comfort, this belt delivers. With its adjustable non-slip fit, you never have to worry about it coming loose mid-lift, riding up, or digging into your sides or hips. That means you can focus on upping your weightlifting game!

Iron Bull Strength Power Belt

Color: Black/Red |   Material: Suede/Leather   |   Thickness: 10mm   |   Mechanism: Double Prong

Description: 10mm PowerLifting Belt for Maximum Performance. The new Iron Bull Strength’s powerlifting belt has been carefully designed to maximize performance, durability, safety and comfort. The 10mm thickness provides the best support and comfort a power belt can offer. It conforms to your body stabilizing lumbar support that lets you take your power training to the next level. Add to this our double stitching construction and you get a solid, durable power belt.

Who Can Benefit From a Power Lifting Belt? Lifting belts increase intra-abdominal pressure. Increasing pressure to your core through our power belt will make you feel safer and increase core stability giving you much more power lifting heavy weights. If a lifter is squatting heavy or pulling big, a belt will increase performance on those lifts.